Author: Heather Schlecht

Horse Health: Copper Nails Vs Steel Nails

Horse Health: Copper Nails vs Steel Nails

No hoof, no horse… right? If it weren’t for this mantra, would we be so willing to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance for our horse’s feet? How often do we change farriers because the old one did something we didn’t like or made a mistake with the hooves of our equine athlete which causes

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His And Hers Bridles In The Tack Room

His and Hers Bridles In The Tack Room

I share head horses with my husband. I am a #4 and he is a #5+ so we ride a little differently. He also runs around the local amateur rodeo circuit, so everything we have must be snappy and quick to get left. I weigh a bit less than he does, so my upper body

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