New Year, New Faces!

New Year, New Faces!

Happy New Year everyone!

I want to tell you a quick story about the first time I stayed up to watch the new year roll in! I was probably 10 or so. Living a good way out of town, my parents and I rarely went anywhere for New Year’s Eve. But Dad wanted to make it fun for me to stay up and watch the year end and the new year begin. He built a fire and put on the John Wayne movie marathon. I’d seen all the movies before, but somehow that made them all the better. We watched The Cowboys, True Grit, and the Horse Soldiers while roasting marshmallows and keeping our eyes on the clock. As we got closer to midnight, with maybe 2 minutes left, Dad flipped the channel so that we could watch the ball drop. After that, we “camped out” in the living room with the fire still going. As Dad snored in his chair, I drifted off to sleep on the couch thinking I’d had the best New Year’s Eve ever.

I know that I’m a new face around here, but those of you that bought the book that Dad and I wrote – Power to Win: An Instructional Guide to Team Roping – you’ve seen some of my work! Let me introduce myself a little more.

Although absent from the competition pen for a few years, I am no stranger to the team roping world. I roped and rodeoed growing up until a shoulder injury in junior high took me out of the arena for about a year. I came back to compete for another couple of years, but as I moved into high school, I found new passions that would take me to college – and pay for it! I began to devote myself to the Texas FFA in stock shows, judging teams, and other competitions. I even served as a state officer during my freshman year at Texas A&M. After graduating in 2017, I quickly started a master’s program and got what they call a “big girl job.” With everything that was going on, team roping was pretty far down on my to-do list. I would rope a couple of pens with Dad when I was home, but that may have only been three or four times a year.

At any point, I could’ve gone back to team roping, but I didn’t for a few years. I wanted to prove myself as something other than “Rickey Green’s daughter.” I’ve always been proud of who my father is, don’t get me wrong. But I needed to see who I was and build my own reputation, work ethic, and values. I’m happy with where and who I am now. And I can proudly say that I made it here on my own two feet. With everything that has happened in the past few months, I feel a call to come home to the world I am blessed to have grown up in.

Team roping is a family and one that I am proud to be a part of. I know that I’ve been absent for a while, but my love and respect for this industry has never faded. Still, the outpouring of support during Dad’s illness astounded me. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their prayers and words of kindness. So many of you took the time to say a prayer for my family. I know that I can never thank you enough, but I hope that you know how much it means to me.

Power Team Ropers meant the world to my Dad. You’re part of the mark that he left on this world, and I’m honored and thrilled to say that I am going to be working with and the members (Power Team Ropers) to continue Dad’s work and passion. You’ll be hearing from me more in the coming months.

I’m looking forward to bringing you stories from our coaches, Power Team Ropers, and just plain good people to you all. Thank you for welcoming me back into the fold! Let’s get to work!

Whitney Green

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